Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Several Goals for the Summer

I have several goals for the summer.

1. Get back on the blogging train. Because if something happens to me, and I don't mention it over social media outlets, it's like it never really happened.

2. Do yoga three times per week.

3. Walk, skip, jog, or hop twice per week.

4. Look at myself in the mirror and think "Damn! I look good!"

5. Repeat #4 only with a swimsuit on.

6. Clean glasses five times per week. This might not seem like a goal, but instead just a normal thing that normal people do. However, if you've ever met me, you know my glasses are normally filthy. I just forget to clean them. My eyes adjust to the specks of dust and sunscreen once they're on. Then I clean them and I'm shocked and how bright and clean the world around me looks.

7. Remember to take my anti-depressant every day.

8. Learn German.

9. Practice modern Hebrew.

10. Write six times per week. Blogging counts, writing in my pink and orange diary counts. Pinning things on pinterest does NOT count.


  1. These are some great goals! I especially try to be consistent with myself regarding #3 & #4, it's really important, as hard as it can be to keep up.

    1. It is really hard! I find that taking even a small bit of time in the morning to do my hair or to put on some makeup (even if it's just like... sunscreen or chapstick) can really give me the time to congratulate myself on my appearance.

      I usually spend more than just a small bit of time and put on more than just sunscreen and chapstick, but you know. Sometimes I sleep late.