Monday, June 17, 2013

Snapshots of a day: June 16, 2013

Here are some photos throughout my day from Sunday, June 16th. I tried to do A-Photo-An-Hour, but clearly that was too much responsibility for me to handle on a Sunday.

Saturday, June 15th -- 9:00pm

OK, so this is the day before June 16th. But here is the booze that we drank cocktails out of before heading to Rain Lounge to celebrate Pride! It was a really fun night. And - if you haven't tried Tennesee Honey Jack Daniels, I highly recommend it. If you like very sweet alcohol, that is. 

Sunday, June 16th -- 11:00am

Post-Rain Lounge, I stayed overnight at my friend Emma's house. Everyone woke up late the next day, and Emma made us all delicious Turkish coffee.

Sunday, June 16th -- 12:00pm

I decided to walk home after eating breakfast at Emma's. I do not have a car, and although Emma does - I cleverly realized that the rest of the people groggily waking up at Emma's house were not going to want to be driven home for a while. So I headed out in the rain, wearing the conservative yet little-black-dress, flats, and neon-belt that I had worn the night before. I sort of looked like I was walking a "Walk-Of-Shame," but considering the clothes I wear out to bars are indistinguishable from clothes I would wear to work or synagogue, I didn't feel too silly about it. I was cold, though - I didn't wear a cardigan to Rain, and it was drizzling and chilly.

Sunday, June 16th -- 12:10pm

Look at this cool tree! Spotted on my walk home. 

Sunday, June 16th -- 1:15pm

Made it home, kicked off my shoes and watched a relaxing episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. 

Sunday, June 16th -- 2:10pm

Took a long shower, and pulled on these clothes to wear for my trek to campus to get some work done. As you can see, in Syracuse NY in mid-June I felt the need to wear a blazer, scarf, and long-sleeved tee. It has been so unseasonably chilly here. 

Sunday, June 16th -- 3:00pm

As soon as I make to the Graduate Student Lounge of the Religion Department, I feel absolutely exhausted. I mean, look at everything I had done that day! Watched television, showered.... so exhausting. So I curled up in a chair, took a brief nap, and re-read a little bit of the second part of Mendelssohn's Jerusalem. Later, I even drummed up the strength to type up my notes on this section! 

Sunday, June 16th -- 5:00pm 

Re-exhausted from my efforts of typing up notes, I decide to walk around the campus-area and get an iced latte. It was now sunny and warm outside! The sun really cheered me up. 

Sunday, June 16th -- 5:05pm 

Beaming at the sun, I take a picture of some cars and a tree.

Sunday, June 16th -- 5:20pm

Latte in hand! As you can see, it starts to get a little bit cloudier here. I was outside for the approximate 15 minutes of sunshine yesterday. Good timing. 

Now I met up with a few friends to grab dinner at King David's. I took no pictures of the delicious vegetarian feast I consumed. 

Sunday, June 16th -- 9:00pm

I trot over to my favorite local bar and restaurant, Beer Belly, to have a glass of wine with my friend Emma to discuss how much fun we had the previous night, amongst other things. (You may have noticed that I'm addicted to talking to Emma. I miss her if I don't see her in over a day and a half. It's going to be a rough summer without her.)

Monday, June 17th -- 1:00am

After returning home, I watch some more Law & Order: Criminal Intent and work on my cross-stitch. This says "Lousie," an homage to Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers. It will say "I'll see you in hell!" underneath it, which is a quote she says that really encapsulates her spunky-9-year-old persona. I messed up the heart by her name, though - so I'll have to redo that.

Thanks for viewing my day with me! 

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